In order to help our customers maintain the quality of their fleet of instruments, ALPHA LAB offers a maintenance, control and validation service for laboratory equipment.

ALPHA Lab has invested in the purchase of controlled and calibrated COFRAC equipment (Particle counter, Anemometers, Thermometer, Tachymeter, Temperature acquisition unit with 9 PT100 probes for chamber mapping) to offer quality metrological services.

We offer a control and validation service for the following laboratory devices:

  • Autoclaves
  • Balances
  • Bath
  • Centrifuges
  • Climate chambers
  • Freezers -20°C and -40°C
  • ULT Freezers -80°C et -150°C
  • Incubators
  • Laminar flow cabinets
  • Ovens
  • Microbiological safety cabinets
  • Micropipettes
  • Microscope
  • PCR and qPCR system
  • Refrigerators

All the equipment checked is the subject of a detailed report containing the actions taken and the corrective measures to be carried out.